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GM Towers on Peavy: Best Case Scenario might be resting ankle until next season

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • The Padres haven't hired Bob Melvin yet. He's under contract to the Diamondbacks through next year. He will probably do some part time work evaluating Minor Leaguers. He will not be coaching. It will be KT's decision not Moorad's. His contract wouldn't stop the Padres from hiring him. "He deserves to manage again some day..." Buddy Black shouldn't fret.
  • Jake Peavy's ankle is better than it was but he'll be in the walking cast for another 3 weeks. After he gets out of the cast then he'll start rehab. They won't really know much until the cast comes off in the end of July. The injury is very uncommon.
    "I guess the best case scenario, that he's back pitching in the month of September. If we're out of it, to me the best case scenario would probably be, if he's only going to pitch a month for us, is to maybe take the entire winter off and continue to rest it, not push it and have a good Spring Training and be ready to start the year next year."
  • Adrian Gonzalez said that when he woke up this morning he felt 80%. He might get an AB today but might not be in the line up. He's got the longest active consecutive game streak in baseball right now and closing in on Garvey's Padres record. KT wouldn't be surprised if he's starting again against the Dodgers.
  • The Padres will probably be sellers until the trade deadline. The NL West might be the best division in NL. KT has had dialoug with scouts about which players would be available to trade. Towers isn't saying which players.
  • Billy Beane called Towers 3-4 years ago impersonating John Kentara. He tried to get Towers to make cuts on the air.
  • A couple players are getting interest from other clubs. Things are picking up a little earlier than in years past.
  • It's highly, highly doubtful that Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez will be moved.