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7th Heaven

Man that was an awesome 7th inning last night.

That reminds me... many years ago I was watching a TV show about the JFK assassination.  I've watched them all but this one in particular seemed like it had all the answers and it made sense.  I felt like the more I watched it the closer I got to figuring out who was truly behind the fateful events on November 22, 1963. Was it the mob?  Was it the CIA?  Fidel?  Oswald?  The Russians?  I was so close...

Suddenly the phone rings and a voice with a Russian accent asks for me by name.  For a split second I think it's the Russians trying to stop me from figuring out the JFK conspiracy... but it's Dex.  I'm not sure why he was using a Russian accent, but I tell him my initial thoughts.  We laugh and he continues in his accent "Change the channel!  You are getting too close!"  I respond "Nah dude, I got this figured out, I'm starting to suspect that it's you Russians!"  He continues "You will change the channel!".  Then he pleads "Please change the channel... your favorite television program is on... the how do you say... 7th Heaven".  "No way you're trying to trick me I know 7th Heaven isn't on right now!"  "For you it is... Muhahaha!"

I quickly start flipping through the channels and the Camdens are on every channel.  There's Matt... Lucy... Simon...Mary... little Ruthie!  They're all there.  I give up on finding the truth behind the JFK assassination.

Anyway, that was an awesome 7th inning last night.  Headley on second, Venable doubles to deep right.  Tony Gwynn slaps a single to shallow right and takes the extra base on a throw to the plate.  Then Eckstein hits again to shallow right and it scores Gwynn on a head first dive to the plate.  Man that was exciting.