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Things I learned during yesterday's butt long game

I watched a good amount of yesterday's game before turning it off sometime during the 17th inning. At various times, I was either bored, really bored, asleep, kinda surprised and then bored again. 

JBox wanted me to write something about the game even though I'm almost, but not quite indifferent to it, so here's what I wrote. You can look at it after the jump...

First off, I'm a little irritated with David Eckstein for sending the game in to extras only to not take it upon himself to finish the game himself. When you promote the duke to the throne, you gotta send the duke out to sea to complete his journeys. Don't expect anybody else to do the job for you. When you leave stuff like that unfinished, you just end up with a lot of irritated people staring at a turd.

Second off, once you go to position players pitching and catchers playing any position besides catcher, it's over. There's nothing left at that point. Do I think Bud Black gave up? Not really. Do I think the Padres gave up? Probably yes.

That's all I got. Honestly, I'm not sure what else there is to say. The Padres are scrappy, but ultimately, they're not that good. Unpolished.