I won the Padres Memory Contest

Okay, so I won the latest Padres Memory Contest. What you win is 4 tickets to the game, a chance to go on the field for BP, 4 hats, a copy of padres magazine, an autograph baseball, and a phone (that they make you awkwardly hold on the jumbotron during the game). Basically what memory I chose was the first time I met Tony Gwynn last year, when I had wanted to meet him since I was 2 and somehow always didn’t. So I won and got to go on the field for Batting practice.


So Saturday was the day I got to go. They took me and my friends on the field and laid down the ground rules. No talking to the player unless they come up to you. Which we were cool with that, not a big deal. There weren't a lot of players out there at first but we were told we would get to stay until Padres BP was over. So we spent our time taking lots of pictures. They did tell us that we could wave to the players if they made eye contact so we decided to start a game of who could get the most players to wave at us. Yea we only got one player, Kevin Kouzmanoff, because every time a player made eye contact we all got too scared to wave.

So we were waiting for people to come up, and no one did... Then Venable came up to the people next to us so we thought cool, he'll probably come say hi. Then he didn't. So we were pretty sad. Then the Diamondbacks came out to stretch and we got anxious about meeting a player because it was almost time to leave. Then Nick Hundley and Josh Wilson started walking towards us, so we were like cool, no they went to say Hi to Diamondbacks.

Finally one of the PR people grabbed Kevin Kouzmanoff and asked him to meet us. So he came over and shook everyone's hand and then signed everyone's baseball. Then he went back to hit again, then came back to take a picture. And it was last minute because Padres BP ended right after that and we had to leave the field.

Then they give you the phone you win, but they make you stand embarrassed on the jumbotron holding it, while they tell everyone your name and story. As soon as that humiliation was over I was able to go back to my seats and enjoy the rest of the game.

Sunday was photo day, which was fun. And I won’t lie, I was exhausted but I was also enjoying 18 innings of baseball. So the pictures are from BP, as well as pictures of the Padres assembling to take a group shot with the Padres Scholars on Sunday.

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