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Stuff from Saturday's game

I went to the game on Saturday night.

  • I tried to buy a Park Pass at the ticket office but they were sold out.  I was told I could buy a ticket for $7.50, which was half priced, but  they would make me vote Adrian Gonzalez into the All Star game the entire time.  I told ticket guy I would take the ticket and I'd like to see them try and make me vote for Adrian.  I'm not going to vote for a guy who has said that he himself would vote for Pujols.  Plus he's going to make the team anyway, he's just not going to be a starter.
  • I was stopped at the front gate and asked to empty my pockets.  Wallet, keys and tickets was all they found, I must fit the profile of someone trying to sneak contraband into the ballpark.
  • Got my Adrian Gonzalez Action Figurine.  Is it really an "action" figurine if it has no Points of Articulation?  I say no.  How can there be action with no moving pieces?  A bobble head has more action than this sculpture of Adrian with elephantiasis.
  • As I walked to my seat I saw there was a big line of people with hundreds of ballots in their hands.  I asked them what was going on.  Apparently for every 50 ballots you filled out voting for Adrian, you received a Padres giveaway prize.  Okay, they win, I filled out 50 ballots and got a Padres pillow case.
  • Saw Gaslamp Baller C8lin win something up on the Jumbo Tron.  Jealously threw peanuts at the screen and booed.
  • These girls in front of us went crazy every time Giles came up to the plate, they were cracking us up with their dancing.  I got the tail end of the dance:


  • Left the game early with two Padres on base while we were losing 2-1.  The instant I stepped foot outside the ballpark, the crowd erupted into applause as the Padres scored 6 runs.
  • On the drive home I saw this heavy biker dude riding a crotch rocket on the freeway and he was text messaging.