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Jake Peavy: "There are plenty of blogs out there that are inaccurate as inaccurate gets, from fans."

XX Sports Radio: Jake Peavy Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Jake Peavy is feeling better and he was able to get out of bed today.
  • Peavy jokes that he might have to get on Twitter.  Somebody was tweeting about him picking up his medication at Albertson's.  "You can't do anything these days."  Jake thinks this stuff comes with the territory of a big time pitcher "There's been so many false things written about me on the internet, I don't care."
  • Jake doesn't have a facebook or myspace account.
  • "There are plenty of blogs out there that are inaccurate as inaccurate gets from fans.  Obviously those are brought to your attention by the people that look out for you."
  • Darren Smith tells Peavy about how Steve Quis told Gaslamp Ball that Jake Peavy didn't show up to the gym the morning he was supposed to be traded to the White Sox.  Peavy says he hasn't gone to any gym except the Padres gym since the season started! 
  • Peavy is told that there is a fake Twitter account using his name.  He says he's going to follow Tony LaRussa's lead and see how his lawsuit turns out.  
  • "I play a professional sport for a living, I got three kids and a family to take care of, I'm not on the internet, I can promise you that."  "I don't have the time or the will to want to do anything like that.  I don't want to sit down on a daily basis and write a blog!  I'm sorry"