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Open Thread, 6/30: Padres vs Astros

I was on the trolley yesterday and there were these two ladies and a dude sitting across and next to me talking about guns. They didn't look like gun people, but they all were gun people. I keep photos of Elliott and Jess on my phone, to show off to people if somebody happens to ask. The one Korean lady had pictures of her AK with the custom wood trim handle. She was talking about the action that it gets and the dude next to me was saying the first time he fired an AK, the kickback was such that he thought he was gonna kill everybody in the room if he didn't hang on tight enough. The Korean lady agreed and talked about how when she got the wood trim on her gun, she had them do some modifications so she could handle the action easier.

Later, they talked about what they do for jobs, and the guy talked about hustlin' and how the quality of the hustlin' was better down south than it is in San Diego because the city's so conservative. I thought about mentioning that I used to live in the south, if only to agree that hustlin' may or may not be better down there, but I realized I didn't have an opinion on the matter. I ended up pulling out my Nintendo DS and I played Super Mario Bros, which, as opposed to materials for hustlin' and custom configurations for automatic weapons, is the kind of thing that I spend my discretionary income on. That and books.

Anyways, I don't know why I'm telling you that other than to sort of explain why after I got off the trolley and got home, I was so distracted as to not check on the status of the open thread.

Josh Banks takes on Mike Hampton tonight. We own Mike Hampton I think. I dunno. Maybe we do.

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I'll put that lineup widget in here when I see it. GO PADRES!


Have you ever been involved in hustlin'?

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    No. I been scared straight.
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    Yes. Hus-tl-in'. Hus-tl-in'. Every day I'm hus-tl-in'.
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