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Are the Padres going to trade Heath Bell? I don't know I'm asking you

Why do I keep hearing rumors that the Padres are going to trade Heath Bell? Furthermore why do I keep hearing it's to the Cubs? The Bleacher Report was asking Heath Bell to the Cubs? back on June 9th.

If the Padres were to make the closer available, we should expect to see a lot of teams calling. One source believes one of those teams could be the Cubs.

Buster Olney said yesterday that he doesn't think Bell is going anywhere.

Derrick (Tulsa, OK)
10:33 AM

Have you heard anything about the Padres shopping Heath Bell? Do you agree with others that he could bring back several legit prospects?
Buster Olney
10:34 AM

Derrick -- as of two weeks ago, rival executives were saying that they sense no interest on the part of the Padres to trade Bell. San Diego has already angered its fans, and the Padres have to keep somebody... It seems like Bell and Gonzalez are to 2009 what Benes and Gwynn were to 1993.