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Should the Hall of Fame induct the San Diego Chicken?

San Diego Chicken deserves call to Hall

Some interesting stuff in this article. Did you know the Chicken's debut was on the same night that Ray Kroc said "I've never seen such stupid baseball playing in my life"?

Given the choice between one of those celebrated cheaters or the Chicken, I'll take the Chicken for the Hall of Fame every time. I'm serious. I'd vote for Giannoulas, or a lifer major league scout, or a lifer coach (scouts and coaches have taken the Cooperstown oh-fer) before I'd waste a smidgen of ballot ink on the PEDers.

I think there should be a Chicken Wing in the Hall of Fame. If you're going to let in non-players and non-humans like fat cat executives than why not let in the Chicken?

"The Chicken is an important part of baseball history," a HOF spokesman said. "We have one of his outfits in the collection."

But what about having the person in the outfit be elected to the Hall of Fame?

"There's no precedent for it," the spokesman said. "Everybody in there is a real, live person."

They should just induct Ted Giannoulas, problem solved.