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Petco Park drops to #6 most Vegetarian Friendly Ballpark in new PETA list

As if being beaten by Philadelphia twice in a row wasn't bad enough. Now they've humiliated us again by being a better Vegetarian Friendly Ballpark. When will it end? Philadelphia remained in the number one spot for the second year in a row. Petco Park however dropped from #4 in 2008 to #6 in 2009.

2009 Top 10 Veg-Friendly Ballparks

6. PETCO Park (San Diego Padres): Although the Padres' batting lineup is struggling, the team's lineup of yummy vegetarian options is stacked. The stadium offers veggie burgers, veggie dogs, vegetarian sushi rolls, fresh fruit salad, gourmet vegetable salads, roasted corn, and PB&J. Although PETA has serious issues with PETCO, PETA loves the Padres for providing healthy, humane fare to fans in "America's Finest City."


Ever since the last Dollar Dog night last year where I ate too many hot dogs, I've been eating Veggie Dogs at Petco. I really grossed myself out eating the regular hot dogs and I can't get back on the horse. The Veggie Dogs are surprisingly okay and you put enough relish, mustard and onions on them and you barely notice that you aren't eating meat.

I need to try Petco Park's PB&J though, I've never seen it on the menu but suspect that it is sold at the Kids Cart in the Park in the Park. I'll need to get some kid to score me one of those.

Coors Field, Turner Field and Minute Maid Park all leap frogged Petco Park in this years heated competition. Safeco Field which previously held the #3 spot dropped off the list entirely.

In the 2009's list of Healthiest Cities in America San Diego was #9 and Philadelphia was #27. So there!