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What do you guys want to talk about when we meet up at the game?

We're headed out to SafeCo shortly. I'm going to turn direct messages on for Twitter. If you're at the ballpark direct message me @gaslampball. You can dm me also AndyTheBeerman, though I got your phone number. If you see me, I'll be in the black numbers tee.

What do you guys want to talk about when we meet? I don't mind quiet awkward moments like what happened with Axion. Nor do I mind really loud, somewhat obnoxious moments like when I met Drama.

I wish there was some sort of gift that I could trade when I meet people. I should've brought my pin collection.

I have an idea. Let's talk about what kind of food we're going to eat next or what kind of food we just finished eating. After we talk about various foods, I'm going to say, "Seriously. That sounds crazy good." You can say whatever you want to say.

We should also talk about Twitter and the blog. I'm going to say stuff like, "Twitter's a weird thing" and "There are some kooky people on Gaslamp Ball".

I'd like to talk a little bit about the Padres, especially if we're doing well like we did last night. If we're not doing well, let's talk about things to see in the ballpark.

I'm also going to talk about how much coffee I've drank on this trip, which is a lot.

OK. That should be good enough. Like I said. Tweet me up. I'll see you at the game.