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Around the Mission: 6/23 Padres Links

  • XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Jr. Interview
  • Marty's Blog: Roster Upheaval
    According to KT: Blanks is a guy that the organization wants to play ever day. Since he will NOT play every day at this level, there's a good chance that he'll only be here through Interleague play unless he makes it impossible for them to send him down.

  • Gwynn " Another Padres Blog
    Myron studies Gwynn Jr's stats to determine if he is overachieving and will return to the player he was in the Brewer organization. It's hard not to be anything but pessimistic about everything related to the Padres, but I believe in the Gwynn.

  • Is Life Ever Good Enough?
    Ducksnorts uses baseball to mark the passage of time. Geoff still very skeptical of Gwynn Jr. to say the least.

  • Don’t Give Up on Chad :: Friar Forecast
    Friar Forecast wants fans to be patient with Gaudin, because he can be a league average pitcher.

  • Blanks attempts on-the-job training | News
    Kyle Blanks has arrived, bringing his right-handed bat with him, which is the reason the Padres opted to promote their top prospect, especially with six Interleague games on the schedule this week.

  • ESPN Clement to coach prep basketball team
    Matt Clement has become a boys basketball coach at his old High School.

  • Greene emerging from spiral of doubt
    “With us, I don't think it was as severe as what he was going through in St. Louis,” says Padres General Manager Kevin Towers. “Obviously, he internalized a lot, but we never really saw that (self-harming) side other than when he banged the equipment box.”