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Strangest Things You've seen at Petco Park

Pad Squad Andre mentioned that he'd like to see Gaslamp Ball make a list of the 50 strangest things Gaslamp Ballers have seen at Petco Park.  What PSA wants PSA gets!  Jon found out the hard way.

Sometime, I would like to see GLB do a list of the 50 strangest things people have seen at Petco and list for Qualcomm. I am not just talking about poorly sung national anthems or badly pitched 1st pitches. For example, strange like a fan in the Toyota Terrace this week reached out over the railing to grab a foul ball, he caught it then did a flip over the railing, landed on his head, and still held onto the ball. A few minutes later, the EMT took him out of the stadium, and he was still holding on to the foul ball.

Okay I'll start us off, conveniently everything strange I've seen I've blogged about, so it's realively easy for me.

  1. Weird Guy in Petco Restroom

  2. White Jeans Guy

  3. FrankenFriar

Okay it's your turn.