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Game Thread: 6/18, San Diego vs. Seattle

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Oh! Afternoon game
Still you are not televised
Didn't want to watch

Padres look to put their Interleague consecutive game losing streak out of reach from future generations of baseball teams.


Seattle Mariners @ San Diego Padres

06/18/09 12:35 PM PDT

Seattle Mariners San Diego Padres
Ichiro Suzuki - RF Tony Gwynn - CF
Mike Carp - 1B David Eckstein - 2B
Adrian Beltre - 3B Brian Giles - RF
Ken Griffey Jr. - LF Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Franklin Gutierrez - CF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Yuniesky Betancourt - SS Chase Headley - LF
Ronny Cedeno - 2B Henry Blanco - C
Jamie Burke - C Luis Rodriguez - SS
Brandon Morrow - P Josh Geer - P