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GM Kevin Towers talks about the Draft

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Everybody in the draft room is wearing jacket and ties.  KT is even wearing socks!
  • Seattle GM gave Towers a call and let him know that Ackley was going to be chosen, so Padres knew they were going to take Tate for 5 hours.
  • Kevin Towers doesn't do Twitter, Facebook, or
  • The Padres truly did their due diligence on Donovan Tate.  Towers does not have any fear that he'll turn into a Matt Bush.  Nobody is second guessing the pick.
  • When there isn't a consensus in the Draft Room, the final decision is made by Grady Fuson and "Chief" Gayton.  Fuson is the boss, but those two work well together.
  • In the past Towers thought the problems came from choosing the most signable players rather than the best players.  He doesn't blame those in charge of development.  Moorad made it clear that they should draft the best player.
  • Matt Latos may make in appearance in the next few months and become a difference maker.
  • There are no guarantees if Tate will sign with the Padres.  They hope they will be able to sign him.  They wanted to take the best player.
  • Towers has a number in mind for Tate, but will not reveal it.  No price tag for Tate has come from Scott Boras.
  • Towers is hoping to get some big leaguers in the back end of the draft.
  • Luis Rodriguez is very close to returning to shortstop with the Padres.
  • Towers is wearing Anteater cowboy boots.