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Open Thread, 6/1: Padres vs Phillies

Today was a crazy day at work. I was constantly two steps behind and looking over my shoulder for people who may or may not want to yell at me.

Thankfully I have my Padres and my Padres have the defending world champs. The other thing I also have is this new SBNation stuff, which I haven't had a chance to play with. Holy head this thing looks awesome. Holy head.

Let me try something...

Current Series

3 game series vs Phillies @ Petco Park

Philadelphia Phillies
@ San Diego Padres

Monday, Jun 1, 2009, 7:05 PM PDT
Petco Park

Joe Blanton vs Kevin Correia

Mostly cloudy. Game time temperature around 65.

Complete Coverage >

Tue 06/02 7:05 PM PDT
Wed 06/03 7:05 PM PDT

Wow that was terrific. You guys may not care, but that was super easy to insert. TWSS.

Go Padres! I'm hoping that they brighten my spirits as I sit and think about June Gloom.