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Reasons we like Mark Neely

Dex and I were just chatting that we thought it was weird that people don't like Mark Neely as much as we do.  Here's a list of reasons we like Mark Neely:

  1. He's clean cut.  Gets a fresh haircut at least twice a day.
  2. He holds his microphone so delicately.  I haven't seen someone hold a microphone like that since Bob Barker.
  3. He only mentions that he's from St. Louis a few times a game
  4. His silence after Mark Grant jokes is just as funny to me as Vasgersian ripping on Grant.
  5. He doesn't currently have a favorite player because he tries to root for players on the team he works for.
  6. Boyish good looks. How could we forget boyish good looks?  I guess we see them in the mirror every day so we forget to mention them.
  7. To the best of our knowledge he hasn't committed any serious crimes
  8. He acknowledges that the Padres are a Major League Baseball Team
  9. He is not Matt Vasgersian
  10. He seems like he'd be shy, just like us