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The Perfect Storm of Boredom: Bud Black and Adrian Gonzalez interviewed

I'm slapping myself in the face right now, pouring cold water down my back, punching myself in the jock and chugging pure caffeine in an attempt to stay awake. These two guys are so dull.

  • XX Sports Radio: Adrian Gonzalez Interview (MP3)
    Adrian is sooo politically correct about everything. I'm not sure how Darren stays awake through these boring answers. He's trying his best to pull something interesting out of him but I don't think there is anything there. He doesn't seem to care much either way if he's on the All Start team or if he's in the Home Run Derby.
  • XX Sports Radio: Bud Black Interview (MP3)
    Scott and David Wells and BR interview Bud Black. Pitchers shouldn't walk hitters. The key to beating the Phillies is not letting them score that much. Good pitching, timely hitting and good defense will do the trick. zzzzzzzzzzzzz Man, these guys are still talking about Jamie Moyer?