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Game Thread: 5/7, Padres vs. Slitherin

Early game alert! I hope the boys weren't out binge drinking too late last night.

I got my radio here, a banana that has turned brown and a tennis ball. I'm ready to go.

Here's the line up:


Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres

05/07/09 12:35 PM PDT

Arizona Diamondbacks San Diego Padres
Felipe Lopez - 2B Brian Giles - RF
Augie Ojeda - SS Edgar Gonzalez - 2B
Justin Upton - RF Scott Hairston - LF
Mark Reynolds - 3B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Josh Whitesell - 1B Jody Gerut - CF
Conor Jackson - LF Kevin Kouzmanoff - 3B
Eric Byrnes - CF Nick Hundley - C
Chris Snyder - C Chris Burke - SS
Dan Haren - P Chris Young - P

Jenny-cavnar_bigger_mediumJenny Cavnar has challenged us to help her get to 550 followers on her twitter by March 15th and if she does accomplish this feat, then she will answer one question for us about a Channel 4 personality. As Dex says, it shouldn't be a problem, we're ugly as hell and have no information and some how we got to 600+.

So get a twitter account if you don't have one and follow @jennych4 for ridiculously cute Padres updates.

Go Padres!