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Gwynn talks about Strasburg

XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Interview (MP3)

  • Tony Gwynn went to the doctor yesterday "Everything's fine"
  • Strasburg's final game will be this Friday night.  The team is going to try and work out a deal to borrow the softball team's metal seats to get more people into the game.
  • Strasburg wants to win, he doesn't get caught up in all the hoopla.  Tony Gwynn tips his cap to the marketing department for promoting the team so well.
  • It's tough balancing the need for the Aztecs to win and protecting Strasburg's arm for the future.  During the season they had him pitch once a week on Fridays while under a pitch count.  In a couple weeks Gwynn will have to make difficult decisions when Championship tournaments start.
  • Strasburg started as a freshman at 6'3 and 240 lbs.  His conditioning has made him a better player.
  • Gwynn denies making the comments to Buster Olney saying that Strasburg would be the number one starter for the Nationals.  "I don't know where Buster got that".
  • He thinks Scott Boras will go for record money.
  • Gwynn thinks if Strasburg would be the Padres or Seattle's #3 and one of the better pitchers for the Nationals.  So he's pretty much confirming the comments that he didn't make to Buster Olney.
  • "He's gonna get hit, there's no question about that.  I don't think he's gonna be one of those guys that are going to flat out over power guys at the Big League Level or even at the Minor League Level."
  • He's going to be successful.  People overlook how athletic he is.  He reminds Gwynn of a taller version of Greg Maddux in the way he plays defense.