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Kevin Towers: "I'm sure there are a couple relievers that are on the hot seat right now"

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) by Darren Smith

  • Kevin Towers likes to celebrity watch from his seats behind home plate in Dodger Stadium.  It's hard for him to hide his emotions when things aren't going well for the Padres, sometimes he'll have to leave his seat.
  • The Dodgers are a good team:  "It's my 14th year, probably the best offensive Dodger club in some time.  Do they have enough pitching?  We'll have to wait and see."
  • Josh Geer reminds Towers of Brian Lawrence.  He knows which pitch to throw to keep guys off balance.  Geer will pitch in a way to give your ball club a chance to win.  Geer has no fear.  He and Eckstein are winning type players.  Geer has won his entire career.  He locates well and changes speeds well.  He has the ability to limit damage.
  • Headley has discomfort from the left hand side, when he hits right handed he's okay.
  • It's tough to keep Hairston's bat out of the line up.  We'll probably start seeing him a bit more than Gerut.
  • The Padres think Baek needs at least one more rehab start.  When Baek comes back he's going into the rotation.  Geer or Correia will go to the pen or to AAA.  Balsley likes Correia a great deal, but it's tough to bounce Geer if he keeps throwing like he does.
  • Kevin Towers is meeting with Grady Fuson this weekend about getting Kyle Blanks into the outfield in the next couple of weeks.  "This kids time should be here real soon".  They need him in the line up to protect Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Darren Smith asks what it takes to get a manager in the hot seat.  "The hot seat comes from fans, talk radio, it comes from newspapers."  Darren fires back that Padres employees sometimes feed info to the media. Then he asks if anybody is on the hot seat now.  KT responds: "I'm sure there are a couple relievers that are on the hot seat right now, I just haven't had enough time to really think about it"
  • Asked about dumpster diving for players.  "Those dumpsters are running dry"