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One of the best ideas I've ever had: Wigwam Wins

JBox and I complain about the music at the ballpark all the time. Sure, there are inspired moments musically. Hell's Bells comes to mind. Overall though, the music is lacking.

For example, after a win, we're subjected to Rock and Roll Part 2 by the genuinely, seriously disgusting Gary Glitter. This needs to be fixed. Is Rock and Roll Part 2 a bad song? That's debatable. It has a nice enough drum beat. Easy enough to sing along to. But look at this video and think about the whole underage Vietnamese girls thing and tell me that I'm wrong for puking whenever the Padres win:

The winning run is scored. I'm happy for two seconds. Gary Glitter fills my ears, I imagine this video and his kiddie porn / statutory rape habit and I literally throw up on whoever's standing near me.

So my terrific idea. Keep in mind that JBox often refers to this as the best idea I've ever had. We want something that people feel good about. We want something easy to sing. We want to get ready for Arnold legalizing it. We want Wigwam by Bob Dylan:

Think about that. How rad is that? Everybody singing along. Walking out of the park all happy. Smoking their newly legalized doobies. Life is good and nobody gets puked on.