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Kevin Towers is no longer commenting on trade rumors or speculation

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) by Darren Smith

  • The reason the Padres have been successful recently is because they've been getting really good pitching. The bullpen is also finally getting settled.  Mujica and Gregerson have shown they can pitch in the 8th.  Thatcher may force the opposing manager to make a line up change.
  • Towers thinks that Eckstein is the Padres MVP. 
    "When he's up there I always think something good is going to happen.  I think it was the first squeeze play that we've executed in the 14 years that I've been here".
      You can hit and run with him, squeeze with him and have him lay bunts down.
  • "Buddy has done a nice job with what he's had to work with."  Black has been able to be a little bit more creative.
  • Towers doesn't think things would be done any different if Sandy Alderson was still here.
  • Drew Macias has been playing well but Cliff Floyd will likely replace him.  Macias still has options available. 
    "I wish there was a way to keep him up here, I'm a big Drew Macias fan."
      Floyd will be a good power presence.
  • Venable and Blanks will be moved up in September when the roster expands at the latest.  Venable is certainly ready, Blanks has only played 10 games in the outfield.  When asked what will happen to Chase Headley and Brian Giles, Towers responds: "We'll have to wait and see how we play over the next few months"
  • Towers isn't going to get into rumors or comment on the Peavy trade possibility.  "I'm always open for business".  Towers can't answer the question if it's a matter of when or a matter of if he'll be traded.  "If the right deal presents itself we'll pull the trigger, if it doesn't we won't."  Towers says that you work on the deal with the other club and then go to the player for approval.  Once you get the player involved it undoubtly becomes public.  Towers did not go to Peavy before the possible trade was worked out.  Peavy's advisor was aware of the trade.  "It did not come from us, it did not come from the Padres." 
  • Asked if he would have preferred sending Peavy to the Cubs in the off season.  "There was never a deal in place with the Cubs."
  • Towers gets a little worked up when Darren Smith asks him about trade rumors about the Cubs and Kevin Kouzmanoff. (Towers raises his voice, but he's not yelling like capital letters might suggest)
    "I AM NOT COMMENTING ON TRADE RUMORS OR TRADE SPECULATION.  END OF IT!  NO MORE! IT MAKES NO SENSE!  It's not good for the fans , it's not good for the players.  If anything ever comes out, I guarantee it won't come from the Padres."