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All Star Voting is for suckers

There isn't one Padre getting any votes for the All Star Game

Don't waste your time trying to get Adrian Gonzalez elected because it's just not going to happen.  Nobody outside San Diego County has any idea who he is, let's keep it that way.  Players on other teams don't even know who he is, that's why they keep pitching to him.  He's our little secret.

A manager will have to pick one Padre anyway to fill out his team so let's just forget about voting.  Then he'll take the one player and put him in for one at bat about six hours into the game.

As I was writing this, I remember making the same argument last year.  See, there's the proof, we didn't need to vote for Gonzalez but he still got some playing time.

Oh, I also still like my idea here:

You have every manager make an All Star Roster, but don't tell the fans which roster belongs to each manager.  Just have the fans vote for which one they want to see.  Then the manager that made the winning roster gets to be the All Star Manager.

I was a genius last year, a genius I tell you!

Ok, here's another idea.  You get rid of the AL vs NL thing and let the fans pick their dream team from both leagues and then you let somebody that actually knows something about baseball make a dream team out of all the left overs and watch it crush the fan's team year after year just to show them how stupid they are.