Seven reasons to follow Jenny Cavnar... on twitter

I am going to take a minute to talk about Jenny Cavnar. First things first is if you do not have a twitter, make one right now and follow her! DO IT! If you have a twitter and are not following her, correct that mistake and start following her! You won't regret it. She's already given away tickets to a follower... so it pays to follow her. Her next goal is 700! Get her there!

Now lets talk about the why.

From a personal standpoint, I've met Jenny and she is completely nice. i'm friends with her on facebook and follow her on twitter. She is not only great at her job, she is a great person too.

Today at the Madres luncheon she was the media guest. She not only recognized me but remembered my name and took the time to come up to me. We talked about twitter, and also how she has super cute shoes. So she told me they are looking to make it to 700 and give tickets away.

But I present a list of reasons why it is important to be a fan of Jenny Cavnar, and follow her on twitter.

1. She's nice!

2. She is great at her job and loves it

3. She shows that woman can do a great job in the sports media world

4. For Guys: She's hot and you know it!

5. For Girls: She wears adorable shoes all the time so maybe she'll tweet about where she gets them

6. Her tweets give you good information about the Padres and whats going on at channel 4.

7. You are a padre fan so just do it!

It takes a minute and you may even get something out of it. SO GO DO IT NOW!

also check on ch 4's blog

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