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1984 Padres: Where are they now?


1984 Padres team will reunite on Saturday

The 1984 Padres reunite for their 25th anniversary tomorrow.  The current Padres will be wearing throwback uniforms from 1984.  According to Jenny Cavnar they will not be wearing throw back uniforms in order to keep the 40th anniversary sacred by only wearing the original uniforms once this season. Lame.

Before the game the following Padres will be signing autographs:

Joining Bevacqua will be Dave Dravecky, Steve Garvey, Greg Harris, Terry Kennedy, Craig Lefferts, Tim Lollar, Kevin McReynolds, Mark Thurmond, Harry Dunlop (the bullpen coach), Norm Sherry (pitching coach) and Ozzie Virgil (third-base coach).

I took it upon myself to find out what the 1984 Padres players are doing now.  I used Wikipedia when possible but sprinkled in a little bit of imagination.

Terry Kennedy Kennedy is the manager of the San Antonio Missions, the Padres AA affiliate. He will be signing autographs for the 1984 reunion. 
Steve Garvey Runs Garvey Communications, does motivational speaking and is a greeter for the Dodgers VIP Season Ticket Holders
Alan Wiggins Deceased.  Contracted AIDS from his drug use and died 1/6/91.
Garry Templeton Managing the Long Beach Armada
Graig Nettles He now resides in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  He announced he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008.
Carmelo Martinez In 2008 he started a minor league brawl while serving as interim manager of the Chicago Cubs' Single-A affiliate
Kevin McReynolds Living near Little Rock, Ark., he is one of the owners of Memphis Pizza Cafe, which has five locations. It has been in business since 1993 and specializes in thin-crust pies with fresh ingredients. He also has a commercial hunting club.
Tony Gwynn Became the Greatest Padre that ever lived.  Entered the Baseball Hall of Fame and is now coaching the San Diego State University Aztec Baseball team.
Luis Salazar He currently serves as the hitting coach for the Chattanooga Lookouts
Bobby Brown Found success in pop group New Edition and Married Whitney Houston. Living in Virginia, he has a consulting business that deals with Palmer Foods, a food company out of Rochester, N.Y
Tim Flannery Coaching third base for the San Francisco Giants while writing, recording and performing folk music.
Bruce Bochy Managing San Francisco Giants while wearing an 8 3/4 sized cap.
Kurt Bevacqua Lives and owns a business in Carlsbad. He's been promoting 1984 Padres reunion.
Mario Ramirez Whereabouts unknown. Last reports were that he was living in his native Yauco, Puerto Rico, working as a teacher and businessman.
Champ Summers He now owns and operates "Champ Summers' Summer Camp for Champs" motivational sports retreat for youths.
Ron Roenicke Current bench coach for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Eddie Miller Went into the coffee business and has been making premium blends ever since.
Doug Gwosdz Whereabouts unknown.
Tim Lollar Is a golf pro living in Colorado.  Will be at 1984 Padres reunion.
Eric Show Deceased. He died 3/16/94 of a heart attack after taking a speedball in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Dulzura, California.
Ed Whitson Now resides in Dublin, Ohio, where he serves as a volunteer baseball coach for the Dublin Jerome High School baseball team.
Mark Thurmond Lives in Katy, Texas, and works at the insurance business started by his father. Will be at 1984 Padres reunion.
Dave Dravecky Runs the Dave Dravecky's Outreach of Hope that serves suffering people, especially those with cancer and amputation, by offering resources for encouragement, comfort and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Andy Hawkins He is currently the bullpen coach of the Texas Rangers
Rich Gossage Entered Hall of Fame. Gossage lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is active in the community promoting and sponsoring youth sports. He also owns a burger joint in Parker, Colorado, called Burgers N Sports.
Craig Lefferts He is currently the pitching coach for the Vancouver Canadians.
Greg Harris Still ambidextrous and will be signing autographs with both hands at the 1984 Padres reunion .
Greg Booker Living in Elon, N.C., he is a pro scout with the Colorado Rockies. He formerly worked in the Rockies organization as a pitching coach after being fired as the Padres pitching coach in 2003..
Luis DeLeon Whereabouts unknown.
Floyd Chiffer Whereabouts unknown.
Sid Monge

Sid is currently the pitching coach of the Sultanes de Monterrey of the Mexican Summer League .


[Note by jbox, 06/28/09 7:43 AM PDT ]

The Union Tribune did the same thing as I did and I was able to get a few updates from them.

Revisiting the Padres of '84