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Padres related links of the day

  • Here's some XX Sports Radio Interviews (MP3): Tom Garfinkel, HoF'er Tony Gwynn and Kurt Bevaqua.
  • Friar Forecast believes we should trade Jake Peavy to get young talent and save money.  Myself I don't care about the team's finances, raise the payroll back to $70m and get your talent that way.
  • I sense that somewhere deep down, in a place where he won't admit it that Geoff doesn't like the Gwynn for Gerut trade.  He's very good at hiding it though. 
  • Can we go back to calling Tony Gwynn Jr. by the name Anthony?  I like it a lot better than calling him Junior.  I love what he brings to this team, both on and off the field.  Here's the story of how he became a Padre.  He also scored the winning run last night by drawing a walk.
  • "I know it's been a crazy 24 hours with a lot of speculation of what's going on," Peavy told reporters inside the home dugout at PETCO Park. "Right now, this [San Diego] is the best place for us [him and his family] to be."
  • I'm seriously worried about Khalil Greene:
    Greene admitted to feeling increasingly overwhelmed by his situation and did not dispute accounts that he has several times punished himself physically.

    Several team members have expressed concern about the degree of Greene's self-punishment.