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Tony Gwynn Jr. Interviewed on XX Sports 1090

XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Jr. Interview by Darren Smith

  • Gwynn Jr. is excited and anxious about getting back to San Diego.
  • Gwynn Jr. was eating breakfast "got a phone call from my Pops and he alerted me that something was happening" then his agent called five seconds later and confirmed the deal.
  • Gwynn Jr. arrives in San Diego at 6:15pm and will be in uniform and been assigned #18.  "I don't really care what number I have.  I'm just so excited to come home to San Diego"
  • There's some added pressure coming to San Diego in his father's shadow, but he plays a different style of baseball.
  • His mom and dad were really excited. Tony Gwynn was so excited he was yelling in the phone like he had one a championship.
  • Towers told Gwynn Jr. he was going to get an opportunity to play a lot.
  • Gwynn Jr. keeps a house out here.  His wife is in Nashville but will move back by the end of the week.
  • He thought Peavy had already been traded.
  • He's more comfortable in center but will play anywhere.
  • Gwynn Jr. will be able to wear the 1984 uniform on Saturday night. "I've always wanted to put one of those old school '84 uniforms on".
  • Kevin Towers joked about taking down the #19 and giving it to him.  "I don't want any part of that number".