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Tony Gwynn Jr. traded to Padres for Jody Gerut!

After hearing rumors of this trade, I just asked Tom Krasovic and he hadn't heard anything:

Tom Krasovic: No. He's been available, on and off, for more than a year. So I doubt he would be expensive.

At virtually the same time Corey Brock broke the news:

Padres trade today, only it's not Peavy. The Padres are getting OF Tony Gwynn Jr. from the Brewers for Jody Gerut. More later.

[Note by jbox, 05/21/09 12:21 PM PDT ]

Tom Krasovic: That's accurate. Gwynn Jr. will roam Petco Park. Gerut wasn't bad, but Gwynn Jr. should cover a bit more ground.

Tom Krasovic: Scouts like his defense a little better. Gerut's a more powerful and accomplished hitter who was off to a poor start.

[Note by jbox, 05/21/09 2:39 PM PDT ]

Jenny Cavnar tweets

Tony Gwynn Jr. will be in uniform tonight vs Giants and will wear number 18.

[Note by jbox, 05/21/09 2:40 PM PDT ]

Gerut never seemed to play as bad as his number might show. He made some great plays in the outfield this week. One he turned his back on the ball and stole a home run by leaping over the outfield wall. Later in that same game he dove in on a shallow fly ball. Seemed to hit the ball hard on a line.

The only thing I really know about Tony Gwynn Jr. is that he sprung from the loins of Tony the Gwynn and that's really enough for me.

I'm not sure if it will make a whole lot of difference this season which player we have in the line up. Gwynn's younger, less injury prone and supplies his own batting coach.