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Tony Gwynn talks about possible Peavy trade to the White Sox

XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Interview (MP3) by Scott and BR

  • "I just heard this about Peavy... ugh!"
  • "I guess it's in his hands, if he wants to stay he'll stay"
  • The White Sox may not be the team he wants to go to.  The American League is definitely a hitters league with a DH and without an easy out.  The White Sox are in the middle of the back in the AL Central.
  • "As bleak as people make it out to be, being here  in San Diego, playing on the Padres...personally I just don't see it taking that long for things to turn around, to be honest.  New ownership has taken over, the draft is coming up here in the next month.  It's not going to take very long, to me it's not going to take very long and it may not be a place he wants to go."
  • At the time Beckham was thought to be in the deal for Peavy.  Gwynn says that "that kid can play".
  • "For our sake I'd love to see Jake stay and wait it out and be part of something when it turns around.  Then again it is sports so I'm going to sit back and wait."
  • Gwynn thinks since Giles isn't playing well and is old that Peavy is the only option to make a trade.
  • "As fans we're just sitting on the edge, we don't know which way this thing is going to go"
  • Gwynn can't blame Peavy if he feels that Chicago is a better fit for him than San Diego
  • Scott and BR think Giles contract is responsible for losing Hoffman and trading Peavy.