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Kevin Towers talks draft, winning streak and D-Back's manager

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) by Darren Smith

  • Kevin Towers is out scouting right now in anticipation for the draft.
  • The weirdest place KT has ever scouted is a high school in Toad Suck, Arkansas. 
  • Towers is not drafting by position.  When you have a high draft pick, you get the best player.
  • Donovan Tate is in the mix, but Towers doesn't want to tip his hand.
  • Moorad knows Scott Boras well and tells Towers not to be scared off by him when thinking about drafting his players.
  • The wins over the past 4 games have come from good pitching and timely hitting.  The extra inning game against the Reds was huge for the Padres.
  • Floyd felt a little pain in his knee but it got better as the game went on.  He hasn't seen live pitching in a while, so it will take time to get his timing down.  The Padres will hopefully activate him for the next road trip.
  • Greg Burke had a great spring and pitched almost well enough to make the club.  He really took off after he was converted from a starter to the bullpen.  He's got heavy sink and a good split finger.  He's a smart enough kid that he'll be able to handle the pressure and make the next step.
  • Towers likes the character in the club house.  He knows they won't roll over.  Guys like Peavy and Eckstein have pushed one another.
  • Towers thinks that Arizona Diamondbacks made a move that was "definitely outside the box" with their new manager.  He gives the GM a lot of credit for sticking his neck out there to make that move.  Time will tell if it was a good move.  Towers isn't afraid to put his neck in the noose, Buddy Black is an example, only time will tell if that was a good move.