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Padres Channels: Cox Channel 74 and 709

We got a question on our twitter page yesterday from StereoSean asking about why sometimes Channel 74 shows unedited shots of a Padres game and sometimes it doesn't.  I also wondered why Channel 709 always just shows the Padres schedule.  Who better to ask than our good friend Steve Quis.  Here's his response:

Channel 74 is only on when we use own truck to produce the game.  So it should be on during all home games, and some select games when our truck is on the road with the team.  We send the truck to all NL West cities and Seattle for games, however, sometimes the truck can’t get from one city to the next fast enough, so we’ll use a rental and Ch. 74 won’t be on.  As for 709, that station is just a place holder for when and if KUSI ever goes HD.  We are just waiting for them, but until then it’s a place to promote the game.

Now we know and knowing is half the battle.