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Peavy talks about yesterday's game and the mood in the clubhouse

XX Sports Radio: Jake Peavy (MP3) by Darren Smith

  • Peavy and his wife are running errands and he just left Guitar Center where he "spent way too much money" on a Keith Urban Takemine signature guitar.  "I certainly can't go on the road without a guitar."  The head trainer Todd Hutchenson plays with Peavy on the road.  Tim Flannery bought him his first guitar.
  • Peavy asked Bud Black to leave him in the game in the final inning.  Black was nervous and fidgety because he wanted to win so bad. Peavy said "Take it easy Buddy, I'm okay, you go on back to the dug out and I'll finish this thing out for you". Peavy says he wasn't his usual crazy self, he was very calm.
  • Pitching to contact isn't something you set out to do.  Yesterday Peavy says he didn't have his greatest stuff and the balls were put in play which helped him pitch more efficiently.
  • Peavy knew that he needed to give the bullpen a rest after the 16 inning game on Saturday.  He understood that it was his job to give them a full two days off.
  • Kevin Corriea has great stuff and he might have been the key to the weekend.
  • Peavy doesn't give up cheap home runs.  It doesn't matter where he pitches, if a guy squares up on one of his pitches he takes it a long way.  It felt like Delgado hit his ball farther than Bradley's.
  • It was Peavy's son Wyatt's 5th birthday yesterday.  "I'll tell you what Katie is a special mom."  He had a cowboy party with mechanical bull, slides and cow milking contest.  Regarding the mechanical bull: "I did stay off of it just for the record".  Both Phillip Rivers and Peavy wanted to ride it so bad, better judgement prevailed.  "Phillip is as redneck as I am, don't let him ever fool you.  He might be a little more polically correct and speak more proper, but he's from Alabama."
  • Regarding the mood of the clubhouse: The past road trip was the worst of Peavy's career.  "We had a good heart to heart with our Skipper."  They came home with a better mind set.  "Everybody has got to challenge themselves to be better players and better team guys."  The older guys on the team are going to try and keep things as positive as they can.