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"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
- Mahatma Gandhi

What a weekend. Sometimes, it is when you least expect that life long memories are created. You would think after so many years coming to Petco, I better understand how this great game of baseball can be so special.


This weekend started with Teachers Appreciation Night. My son’s mother is a teacher, so Friday was an extra special night for our family. They sat in the AM/PM All-U-Can-Eat seats. They had a whole lot of fun and were very impressed with the seats, all the food (probably too much food for Little C) and were happy for the 7th inning rally that pushed the Padres to victory.


For many of the Padres, Saturday started early with the 14th Annual Celebration of Champions event at the Embarcadero. This event celebrates the heroic efforts of children with cancer, as well as their families and health care professionals. Funds raised support Rady Children's Hospital Cancer Care Center, and programs providing emotional support and other assistance to the children and their families through the course of illness, treatment and recovery.


The event consisted of children with cancer, along with sponsors, family members, and many of our San Diego Padres Team Members, performed an Olympic-style relay passing the "Torch of Life" from one to another.  After the event, many participants came out for a ceremony before the game on Saturday. I got the great opportunity to facilitate this ceremony, as I have for many year previously. Each year, I am encouraged by the remarkable spirit and determination of all who are involved in this event. Many of the players, that were unable to make the morning event, came out before the game and gave out autographs to complete the children’s Padres collection.


Also on Saturday night, the Padres celebrated the employees that have worked 5, 10, 15, or 20 years with the organization. These employees included many pivotal front office employees and also the seasonal employees who date back to the great Padres years at the Q. As I watched the ceremony; I was once again impressed with the new ownership's commitment to really becoming part of the Padres family by appreciating those who have been the foundation of this organization for many years.  


I was especially impressed with new Padres President & COO Tom Garfinkel. Throughout the weekend, I observed Mr. Garfinkel working hard to get to know many of the seasonal employees who he might not have met yet. I also observed him talking with many fans and working very hard to get to know the grassroots of this Padres community. Throughout this season, many fans have become optimistic about the future of the Padres. I am proud to say I share their optimism when I see the values of our front office working to better the Padres community on a daily basis.


Saturday night not only included a great giveaway in the 6-pack cooler, but also some free baseball: 16 innings. I love how every time we are tied in the ninth at Petco, many fans start to tell their stories of extra innings baseball. And many of those stories include where and how they experienced the 22 inning game that some believed was the demise of the team last year. What I find interesting is that that 22 inning game is a badge of honor for Padres fans, and memories that many wouldn't trade.


I enjoyed the extra innings with 10-15 kids in right field who outlasted around 31,000 other fans and created some Major League Memories for themselves.


Sometimes after midnight, it just takes a mix of a few "Let's Go Padres" signs, a few "Go Padres" chants, and a Hundley home run to create a badge of honor that included a win this time.


Other times it just takes Jake Peavy. Sunday was highlighted by a complete game gem by the Padres Ace. After using almost every one in the bullpen the previous night, we needed a good performance from our #1. Instead he gave us nine amazing innings of great pitching. Mixing finesse pitching with power pitching is a combination that will truly prove to be a competitive advantage to Peavy for many years. My family and I are always grateful to be able to watch great performances in person, and Sunday was one of those memorable games at Petco.


After the off day on Monday, the Padres will be continuing this homestand with the Giants and the Cubs. I look forward to the major league memories that are in store for the rest of this week. And hopefully, I see many of you GLB’ers this week.





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