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Kevin Towers says roster changes are coming soon

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) by Darren Smith

  • The one thing Kevin Towers is happy about on this team is Heath Bell.  The only problem is that we can't get to him.  Buddy Black may have to start using Bell for two innings in order to get a win.
  • The starting pitchers haven't gotten a win since April 16th.  The Padres went from euphoria to paranoia.  He's hoping they aren't as bad as they look.  When they've had good pitching they don't hit and vice versa.  There isn't one particular problem.  The Pads are asking a lot of Adrian.  Headley has done a pretty decent job with RISP.  There are only two home runs between Giles and Kouzmanoff.
  • Towers is going to start shaking things up in the bullpen this weekend.  He'll search internally and externally.
  • You hope that the more experienced players will take some pressure off the young guys and that's not happening. 
  • Towers is disappointed in Kouzmanoff and Giles.  When Giles isn't playing well it's difficult to get wins.  Giles is swinging at a bunch of first pitches and pressing.  Hoping to take pressure off him by putting him in the back of the line up.
  • Hundley was blessed with a good arm and a quick release.  He struggles with blocking balls especially on the hard sinker.  "He's his own biggest enemy.  He's such an intense young individual.  He does everything hard.  Part of being a good Major League receiver is just relaxing and trying to be comfortable back there."  A lot of the young players are in survival mode, just trying to stay in the big leagues and they're pressing.  The Padres have not considered a position change for Hundley.
  • The players are pressing to try and prove they belong.  The good ones can relax and handle the pressure.  The coaching staff needs get them relax and let them know they aren't going anywhere and to have fun playing.
  • Going into the season, they wanted to be better than in 2008.  They realized that the product on the field was going to have a hard time competing.  "Ultimately what fans want is to see progress and to have hope."  They will end up bringing up Venable and Blanks.  The fans are realistic and they know the team in undermanned. 
  • In the next couple weeks/months we'll see a lot of changes in this club.
  • "I still kind of believe in guys like Gregerson, I think he's got a chance."
  • In the next 2-3 years, we'll see guys like Blanks, Venable, Antonelli, Sorgard.  The Front Office just need to make room for them.
  • The problem is with the level of talent they have on the roster.  "I'm as much to blame as our coaching staff.  We just have to some how put a much better product on the field.  Right now they don't have a lot to work with and I think it would be wrong for me to make a change and put the blame on our coaching staff."
  • Kevin Towers is going to trade, option and release players.  Towers hasn't talked to Moorad but they could be in a position to release a high salaried player and hope that the younger player out performs him.
  • Towers isn't going to talk about Peavy trade news anymore.  We'll find out when the deal is made.