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Things I remember about another Padres loss

You know how we all kinda came into this season without expectations and then the Padres started pretending like they were good and we couldn't help but get caught up in it?  Once that initial hope was killed, I'm actually having fun watching this team just for the sake of it being Padres baseball.  I just go in assuming they will lose and it makes everything so much more enjoyable.

I'm just going to list some things I remember about the game for no particular reason:

  • The game started with a rain delay.  Then in the middle of the game it  had possibly the shortest rain delay in MLB history, where they rolled out the tarps and rolled them right back again in 4.5 minutes.  Then the game ended with rain.  I'm not used hard rain, when I go to the mid-west I get a little scared  the same way mid-westerners get scared of Earthquakes.
  • Adrian Gonzalez hit a two run shot in the first inning of yesterday's game and today's game.  In fact he hit two in today's game and came within about 5 feet of a third.  He's very good, but I can't help but think he's looking a bit beefy now, maybe it's all the layers he's wearing.
  • Soriano tied Biggio for 2nd place with 53 home runs to lead off a game.  Ricky Henderson has 81. 
  • Speaking of home runs to lead off the game.  Chris Young's first two pitches were hit for home runs.  When CY is bad, he's real bad.  Gave up a few home runs tonight, what was the final count?  Four?
  • Giles looked good at the plate tonight, took an extra base on Fukudome with that weird running stride of his.
  • Milton Bradley laid down a really pretty bunt.
  • Luis Rodriguez twisted his ankle while wrapping around first.  That leaves us with Chris Burke as our short stop now I guess or maybe Edgar Gonzalez.
  • That's all I remember.