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Would I like this team better if I thought they were nice people?

I never have anything to blog about. In the past, I'd have all kinds of extra time to just soak in everything about sports and then I'd filter out the bits that had to do with baseball and the Padres and I'd be good to go. Not so much now.

Still, I find myself with opinions here and there.

For example:

In my opinion, Brian Giles would still be having a more Brian Giles-esque season except for the fact that that video of him beating up on his girlfriend happened to create a mini sensation during the offseason. I'm convinced that Giles is crazy distracted.

Also, in my opinion, once you start learning about your favorite ballplayer's lives, it's like Pandora's Box. I wish I could shut this box that has been opened.

I'm not completely sure why, but people like to tell me and JBox all of the seedy little things about ballplayers that they know. And there was a bit of time when I probably wanted to find out about this stuff, but now I realize that I don't.

Sure, there's a certain amount of stuff that's fun to know. Like when the stories came out about Maddux peeing on dudes in the shower or when we found out about Marcus and Brian running naked into the shower to freak out Chris Young.

That stuff's great.

The stuff that weirds me out is like finding out when players aren't faithful, or when they're jerks off the field, or when they do PEDs and stuff. Part of me is intrigued, but a bigger part of me doesn't even really like watching the players after that point. I look at them and I don't wish them success.

Like, take Brian Giles. I want him to do well because I'm rooting for the Padres, but when he does well, another part of me feels very strongly that this guy should just go far away and figure out how not to act like trash.

On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if I found out a player was taking LSD before games. Hallucinogens in baseball are fine. That's just a way of life.

That's why I'm hopeful that KT gets some good value from these guys as he's rebuilding. I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of the team go as long as it brings in a bunch of guys that play well and I really feel good about rooting for.

Is it really that much to ask for?