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Kevin Towers talks about the pitching staff, Headley, Adrian and Strasburg

XTRA Sports 1360: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) [From Yesterday]

  • The Padres have shown some fight, but not throwing the ball real well.  If they get Giles and Kouz on track, they have a chance of being a decent club.  They are much better offensively than last year.  The bullpen is overworked because the starters can't go deep in the game. 
  • KT says it was stressful trying to put a pitching staff together this spring.  He kind of likes the rotation if they can get healthy:  Peavy, Young, Gaudin, Hill and have Baek, Geer, Silva or Correia in the fifth spot.
  • You can't change Heath Bell.  KT was used to Hoffman's consistent  approach to the media.  Bell is more animated, vocal and doesn't think before he speaks sometimes.  People will put up with it if as long as he keeps playing well on the field.  "I think he's learning on the job that he's a little too vocal and he needs to zip it at times, especially over in Colorado".  He's a work in progress.  Black, Balsey and Young talked to Bell to point him in the right direction.
  • The Padres are never going to be big players in the free agent market.  The team is going to rely on scouting domestically and internationally.  Moorad and Sandy have different personality.  Moorad is always wearing Padres gear and is proud to be a Padre.  "I think good things will happen under his leadership"
  • Headley has turned himself into a solid average major league outfielder.  You need to 1000-1500 plate appearances to accurately judge a hitter.  When he makes contact he hits .390.  He think's he'll continue to improve. 
  • If someone doesn't get hot around Adrian than no one is going to pitch to him.  KT and Moorad hope that Adrian becomes the face of the franchise and that if they want to sign him long term they are going to have to be competitive with the dollars. He thinks Adrian will want to stay in San Diego.
  • Strasburg is pretty darn good.  He has tremendous command and secondary pitches to go along with it.  KT finds it really hard to believe that the Nationals or the Mariners will pass on him.  "I guarantee he's not going to slide by us, so Pittsburgh  who's picking four don't have to worry about it getting to them".