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Kevin Towers interviewed on XX Sports Radio

XX Sports Radio: Kevin Towers Interview (MP3) [yesterday]

  • Darren Smith asks Towers about the chances of  getting Strasburg: "As of right now it's less likely it will happen.  Stranger things have happened... you look at our situation a few years ago...we ended up taking Matt Bush"
  • Towers is looking to take the third best player in the country in the draft.
  • Towers has liked the arm strength and quality of secondary pitches so far in the bullpen.
  • Cabrera is going to start yesterday.
  • Towers considers himself resourceful rather than a dumpster diver
  • It is important for someone to step up to protect Adrian Gonzalez in the line up or else no one is going to pitch to him.  Towers thinks Headley will have a good year and Kouz will eventually get it.
  • Duaner Sanchez will be the 8th inning guy. Cla Meredith will be the 7th inning guy.  "Cla to me is more of a right handed specialist"
  • "The best part of '09 being on at 1:05pm with Darren"