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Brian Giles is 76.8% attractive

I was watching some show about the Golden Ratio of a human's face.  You are considered more beautiful, depending on how closely the dimensions of your face match the ratio

I decided to take the most attractive Padre, Brian Giles, and test the theory.

I didn't want to do all the calculations myself, so I found this website where you can upload a photo and then it tells you how attractive the person in the picture is based on the symmetry of certain points on your face.


The results are in:


The website is also able to tell you about the person's personality based on their looks.  The results are incredibly accurate, shockingly so.  Tell me they aren't talking about Brian Giles, no really, I dare you.

  • This laid-back style of living is fairly typical for him. At the same time he is far from lazy; instead, he is basically ready to do any work and may even take on too many projects at once.
  • This man is talented and truly gifted, but may not be as lucky in love. In love he can have a high sex drive but tends to cheat on his loved one, seeking affairs outside of his relationships.
  • This man knows exactly how to organize a project or an event to make it come together more smoothly.
  • This man likes physical contact, such as shaking hands and touching on the shoulder, arm and even knee; and yes, he is comfortable with hugging.
  • This man is disciplined and methodical and may be successful in life as a solid businessperson.
  • He can't go by a mirror without looking at his appearance.
  • He is ready to take charge and takes on greater and greater responsibility because it is natural for him. Promotions may be in order.
  • Yet inside he tends to feel conflicted, and this may result in bad moods or stress. Yoga, walking or light music may help to balance his psychological or spiritual energies and relax tension.
  • This man is physically active and energetic, always on the move. His stamina is endless.
  • He can experience fear in the face of new circumstances, situations or people.
  • No, he is not into the Container Store. He'd rather not store old things because they clutter up his comfort zone.