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Padres Links 4/8

  • I like Heath Bell as much as the next guy but his choice is music is terrible. Listen to the most generic frat guy rock song called "Blown Away". Any band that chooses the name "Breaking Benjamin" shouldn't do anything else creative.
  • Is Heath Bell always going to reference his theme song in interviews? "I love doing what I just did," Bell said. "... I blew 'em away tonight."
  • Buster Olney says: "The Cubs were on the cusp of a deal for Jake Peavy in the winter, much closer than anybody realized at the time. They were so close, in fact, that Peavy's side had begun the process of negotiating how much of his salary would be deferred. I's were being dotted, t's were being crossed."
  • See this is what I was worried about with this Moorad sale, more Zonies coming to San Diego. Padres name new team president Tom Garfinkel, I think I would have given him a different name.
  • Kaybee on her Padres Blog has some good pictures of Padres Fan Day plus an interesting conversation with John Weisbarth.
  • Everth Cabrera is going to start a game at short stop vs. the Dodgers.
  • Walter Silva is pitching tonight and fulfilling his dream. The Gonzalez brothers rescued him from Mexico. "He was in Mexico and they wouldn't let him come over," Edgar Gonzalez said. Silva said of the task before him tonight, “I will face all pure hitters.”
  • Steve Poltz offers this suggestion: "Sam Peckinpah needs to rise from the dead & run The Padres as only an alcoholic movie director on a coke binge with a violent streak can." Right! Wait, what?