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That's how you start a season! Padres 4, Dodgers 2

The little bird guaranteed us a win and a win is what we got. It was a nice win too with some proper Petco Park offense, the return of our bullpen, a good CY showing and a Heath Bell appearance.

What did we learn?

  • If Chase Headley appears, we have been saved.
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff is capable of running from home plate to third base in one shot, traveling by way of first and second base.
  • Channel 4 is a little bit embarrassed by Heath Bell's closer song choice. Seriously, can this be a work in progress? I'd like to see some options. Can't replace Hell's Bells in one shot.
  • Edwin Moreno has a flair for the dramatics.
  • Bud Black looks smarter after a win.

You know what a nice feeling is? It's waking up the morning after a win. It sets the morning nicely. Today's game... Best game of the season. Current rankings:

#1 Game 2
#2 Game 1

My favorite comments...

The Insights Award goes to notsotricky:

Scan's keys to the game
might be the most insightful baseball analysis on the air. By watching this I’ve learned that you not only need a strong defense, but a good offense as well.

Gaslamp Baller notsotricky also got a green comment with a joke about pubic hair. JBox got a green comment with his own off color joke. FIVE recs for that one? I had told him a week ago it wouldn't go over well. Shows how well I know our current crop of Gaslamp Ballers. I won't repeat either here. I only got pubes a couple of years back and they're sacred to me.

RBS had a nice haiku that went green:

First win of Oh Nine
All year will I cherish thee
The tall guy looked sharp

My own haiku:
one hundred sixty
the games left in the season
i want more like this