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Pad Squad Carrie blogging?

Carrie_prejean2_mediumI'm not gonna lie to you.  It hurts, that of all the places Pad Squad Carrie could blog she chose Jeff and Jer's website?  Seriously.  Not cool.

Right now she's three days into her blogging routine and I like how it appears that all the contestants call each other by the names of their states.  She's rooming with Hawaii, etc. She even calls herself California.

There were so many people cheering for California when we got back to the hotel which made me happy.. I even had a little boy ask me to give him a kiss on the cheek haha.. It's amazing how many securty guards we have. I feel like such a celebrity, its awesome!

 Well the pageant is April 19th, so she'll be out in Vegas until then, not in Petco Park where she belongs.  Carrie is currently on hiatus from her job with the Pad Squad.

On the day of the pagaent Gaslamp Ball will be hosting an Open Thread for all of you to comment on the televised event.  I'd like to see Jeff and Jer try that!  Actually no I wouldn't.