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So many links... so little time

  • Peavy knows he'll never get any run support: "When I take the mound, I know there's not going to be a margin for error," Peavy said. "Today's game was nothing new. I'm not knocking the hitters we've had before or the ones we have now. We're just going to play low-scoring games."
  • Peavy likes the Dodger line up: “That’s a team to be reckoned with.”
  • Padres hosted a record crowd or 45,496. Most of the crowd went home disappointed.  Adrian said “First game of the year, we felt the jitterbugs out there,”
  • Corey Brock reflects on the Opening Day loss: "it's the type of game the Padres played a lot last season and can ill afford to do that again"
  • Padres aren't clutch: "The first inning was perfect," Giles said. "What we need to work on a little bit better is creating opportunities with runners on third base and less than two outs. We had some rallies there, but all with two outs, and those are extremely tough situations. You can't live and die by those situations."
  • Kind of refreshing to have a player admit that they are injured in order to put the team ahead of themselves.  Peavy could learn a thing or two.  Remember when he had a broken rib and was legally blind but didn't want to tell anyone.  Cliff Floyd's honesty took him out of the game. "It's still sore there," Floyd said. "(Black) asked me if I could promise him that I would be ready in a couple of days, I told him I couldn't. I couldn't argue. It's not fair to the team, it's not fair to him."
  • Leitner kisses up to the crowd.  "The one constant has been you,'' Leitner said to the crowd. "You are Padres baseball.''
  • Everybody is depending on Chris Young.  He's our last hope to turn this season around. No pressure.