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2009 Padres Predictions

Now that the 25 man roster is finally set, we can make our predictions. We've had other websites asking us for predictions for weeks, but it's really senseless until we actually know who is on the team.

Gaslamp Ball asks you to make a prediction not a wish. At the very least we want you to predict the Padres record and place in the division. Feel free to make predictions on the World Series and anything else you'd like.

It can be based on stats that you hold dear or the much preferable psychic vision. Mediate for a moment try to make a connection to the future and then post the results in the comments section. It's that easy.

We must warn you as always to be careful if you plan on using the dark arts to summon an all knowing apparition. Their services are not free. Ouija boards are not toys and invite evil from other realms. Time Travel can cause a paradox that will destroy the space time continuum. To perfect Remote Viewing you need to buy a series of training video tapes. Some people can never return to their body after an O.B.E. If little twin girls with monotone voices ask you to play with them forever, remember that forever is a long time.

You can look back on your predictions from years past right here: 2006, 2007, 2008.

My prediction is 66-96 and a last place finish, but just barely.

[Note by jbox, 04/05/09 5:07 PM PDT ]

I'm changing my prediction to 76-86 and 4th place.

[Note by jbox, 04/05/09 11:48 PM PDT ]

You know what? They always tell you to go with your first gut reaction. I'm going back to my original prediction. 66-96