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Miss California Organization doesn't want to have to fire Pad Squad Carrie... yet

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Remember when times were so much simpler?  When barely anybody cared about the scrub athletes you dated? When the only blog that annoyed you was the Gaslamp Ball?  Me too.

Carrie's proving she can't be bought by surgery. If she doesn't stop ignoring the Miss California Organization's phone calls they might consider firing her.  

When asked if stripping Carrie of her crown was a possibility, Shana said they need to see how things work out.

“I don’t want to fire her! I think she’s a great, young girl, and I got into pageants, because I want to help young girls. I want to guide young girls. I know what pageants [did] for me and I know what it can do for young women and also working within the community,” Shanna said.

A politician from Great Britain jokingly threatened her life, because that's always funny:

“I don't agree with her at all,” he reportedly said, adding in jest: “If you read that Miss California has been murdered, you will know it was me, won't you?”

Death threats from politicians haven't stopped her from thinking about running for office one day.

“Definitely not anytime soon, that’s for sure,” Prejean replied.

If she's going to remain in the spotlight for awhile, would it be too much to ask that she mention the Padres every now and then?  I find the further she strays from her Padres roots, the less I care.  She told us that she'd return to the Pad Squad after the pageant but that is looking less and less likely.