AGon's bowling, April games, Madres luncheon


This is a little after the fact, but it takes time to do this and I haven’t had any and I wanted to wait so I didn’t have to post a new story for everything that happened. Fan day and Adrian’s bowling bash were a blast. As you know Scan has the best hair in the universe and is a giant. Other than meeting him and Mark Grant I did nothing exciting at fan day except walk around.  Then I went to Adrian’s bowling bash. I really only went to meet Steve Finley because I never got to when I was younger.

This is what was most interesting:



Henry Blanco walked by and smiled because I was staring. But I just smiled back and got of his way because honestly he kind of scared me.

Cla Meredith has an adorable baby.

Adrian Gonzalez is very passionate about his charity and made time to speak to anyone that spoke to him.

Steve Finley looks like he could still play, and maybe we should ask him to because well he’s pretty and smells nice.

Kevin Kouzmanoff is always an awesome guy and puts up with a lot of stuff, because everyone seems to want to talk to him. My funny tidbit is that it was kind of loud in there and when Kouz first got there he walked by me and I said “how’s it going Kevin?” But he didn’t hear so I told my friend “he can’t hear sh-t!” and that’s when he heard me.

Anyways it was fun and I recommend going to the next Padre event whether it’s the Padres Pour or any of Adrian’s events… we have some of the most laid back baseball players.

Mark Grant, Mark Neely and Luke Gregerson all made the Madres luncheon the funniest I’ve ever been to. Here are some highlights:

Mud Talked about Matty leaving being like losing a girlfriend and said “We’ve were together for 7 years, shouldn’t I be getting checks from him.” Neely is funny too. And if you don’t think they play well off each other on the broadcasts they really do in person so I’m sure it is only a matter of time before they click better on air. They mentioned that they went to the Letterman show in New York and that Mud wanted to watch the replay that night to hear his laugh.  Also Mud said that he wants to bring hats back in style, which is why he wears them a lot, and that he tries to find one on every road trip. Very funny, nice guys.

 Luke Gregerson is hot… And he’s single ladies. He is also really funny and very humble. One woman told him he looked like a young Sylvester Stallone to which he did a spot on impression of him. And he loves San Diego, because who wouldn’t!

We all know what happened during April games, so here are some pictures from the ones I went to, and they all say the date, or particular place from where they were, and there is also video of Heath Bell bowling, but if you saw the feature on Channel 4 it’s the same clip from a different angle. Channel 4  totally copied me!



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