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Gaslamp Ball Seattle One and a Half Asian Invasion or INVASIAN

That's right. Elliott and I are going to Seattle with his wonderful mom / my lovely wife (she be white). We're going to be hitting at least one, maybe two, probably not three Padres/Mariners games.

I know what you're thinking. You're crazy! That's the most heated rivalry in sports! You better bring some mace or a shotgun with bean bags!

Nevertheless, I'm curious to reach across the aisle as it were. I want to see what makes Mariners fans tick. Sure, we share an ocean and a time zone and a similar proximity to Sea Level, but what else do we share?

Therefore, I'm open to some recommendations. What is there to do? What should I not miss? What can I skip? Any good seats with kids? Places nearby that I should check out?

Any help at all is totally appreciated. If anybody else is going up for the series, make yourself known here and we'll try to meet up. There's safety in numbers. Mariners fans aren't rational.