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Buddy Black on getting Maddux to pitch "It's actually not a bad idea"

XX Sports Radio: Bud Black Interview (MP3)

  • It's snowing in Denver, Colorado
  • On Adrian's home run: "That was a bomb!  I mean right off the bat. It was a fast ball middle-in and he got it.  That looked beautiful" Gonzalez is off to a great start, he's in the part of his career where things should keep going this way.
  • Luis Rodriguez was playing catch and had trouble breathing and swallowing.  He felt like his tongue was starting to expand.  He got in an ambulance and an oxygen mask.  He had an allergic reaction to the food he ate prior to batting practice in the club house.  They narrowed it down to some sort of shell fish. 
  • Jake is going to give up home runs but he has to make sure no one is on base when he gives them up.  Jake has walked guys and that's not part of his game.  Jake's health is fine, the velocity and movement are there.  He has to start using his change up again, especially against left handed hitters.
  • The Padres have not contacted Maddux about pitching.  "It's actually not a bad idea."  Black talked to Maddux during the Spring and doesn't think it's possibility.
  • Chad Gaudin will pitch tomorrow in Denver.  "Gaudin is a good ol' boy" Baek will be back before too long. Silva is about a week away from pitching in a Minor League Game.  They'll need another 5 days before finding out how long Hill will be out.