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Padres News and Notes

  • Peavy got shelled, but he had this to say "In my mind I am not far off where I want to be."  In my mind I'm riding a unicorn bareback threw a dewey meadow with skittles falling from the sky, doesn't mean it's real.  If you read the article even the Pirates seem concerned about Peavy.  Buddy Black thought "his stuff was fine".
  • You see how powerful Darren Smith is?  He mentions the Padres Hall of Fame in yesterday's pre-game show.  Today Dick Williams is elected into the Padres HoF. "San Diego holds a special place in my heart and I can't wait to relive those memories with the fans and teammates who shared them with me."
  • Towers will promote pitchers from within the organization.  Guadin is being brought up to start Tuesday's game and Geer will be moved back a day.
  • Antonelli's knee is hurt. "Before I got the second cortisone shot, the doctor looked at me and said that in his 20 years of sports medicine he had never seen anyone with this injury," Antonelli said.  Turns out that the doctor was blind!  Actually that's not true.
  • Moorad is gonna chat with fans on Wednesday.  I still want to know who the 12th owner is in his ownership group.  Somebody ask him that.
  • I guess we didn't give the AP reporter scandalous enough quotes for her article about Pad Squad Carrie.  I bet we could have won Miss USA with our boring answers.
  • Chris Young better stop the suck.
  • Gonzalez has the longest home run at Petco Park with a 458 foot shot into the bleachers of "the beach"
  • Ducksnorts recaps the week.
  • Friar Forecast wonders what's wrong with Peavy.
  • Gaslamp Ball Flashback! A meet up at the Tony Gwynn Statue